Von Eusersdorff New York Brooklyn Bridge
If one looks closely at a bottle of Von Eusersdorff perfume, it's packaging, or the design of the logo, one can immediately notice that there was an enormous influence of art, graphics, design, culture and architecture that went into the making of it's aesthetic value. As creator of Von Eusersdorff, Camille Henfling Jr. draws an enormous amount of his inspiration from his years spent living in one of the most influential and artistic cities in the world; New York City.  
Von Eusersdorff captures the essence, soul and energy of New York City in their inspiringly different fragrances. To remain inspired, Camille walks endless hours around Soho, Tribeca, the Village, and Chelsea to soak up the organic influence of art, the unique style and the individual expression of New Yorkers. He combs through the Upper Westside to the Upper Eastside and jets down to the East Village, the Bowery and Canal Street  to stimulate his senses and influence his creativity. He is an avid fan of the Flea Markets, Street Markets, and Antique Markets. He sits outside on the chairs in the various Public Space Amenities that the city provides for everyone and connects with those that inhabit the Big Apple. He enjoys learning from those that spend all of their time on the streets of New York or sharing an experience with the Staycationer's in various locations of the city such as the Meat District, the High Line, and the piers located on the Hudson River. Occasionally, Camille enjoys returning to New York City's landmarks such as Rockefeller Center, Central Park, the Empire State Building, and even taking his annual ride on the Staten Island Ferry and then mixing that up with updated discoveries such as a water taxi to the newly built Freedom Tower or the newly unveiled Hudson Yards. Of course, there are also the various museums and galleries that he frequents for inspiration; MOMA, the Metropolitan Museum, the Frick Collection and Guggenheim to name a few. Henfling is still in awe of the city that once "never slept", even though now it seems to be a city that has slowed down with the onset of the new challenges that the year 2020 has brought about. New York City still remains a source that feeds his imagination. 
Camille Henfling Jr.

"What motivates me to make perfumes is that I can pass on inspiration. If I can evoke a happy memory through my fragrances or clearly communicate some aspect of life that brings joy to someone, then through making perfumes I may also have the opportunity to inspire them as well".

- Camille Henfling Jr. 


The great thing about being in New York City is that one can find inspiration in many spaces and places. Smelling the various bouquets and vast arrays of flowers in Brooklyn's Botanical Garden is one of Camille Henfling's treasured pastimes. Then, after having an espresso in one of his favorite cafes in DUMBO or Williamsburg, he takes a long walk over the Brooklyn Bridge. Henfling takes pleasure gazing upon the Manhattan Skyline with it's huge skyscrapers that stand erect in the panoramic view that he sees. Here again, when you view a bottle of Von Eusersdorff perfume it is most reminiscent of a NYC building standing tall. Then when taking the subway train to the outer boroughs of the city such as the Bronx or Queens to visit the local neighborhoods, Camille delights in the various sounds of music whether it is Jazz, Salsa, Merengue, Hip Hop and Classical Music that the street or subway musicians share with all. He is especially inspired by the sounds of laughter and the happy faces of the small children as they enjoy splashing through the refreshing cool water from an open fire hydrant on a hot summer day. It is his desire to see the same smiles on the delighted faces of people that spritz or spray his perfumes onto their body. 

The inspiration of New York City, along with the mastery and craftsmanship that one would expect from an old perfume house in Grasse, France, mixed with a new found heritage of Camille Henfling Jr.'s personal history is now seen through the intimate perspective of Von Eusersdorff.