Classic Patchouli Background Von Eusersdorff

It all began with a “Spirited Idea”…

The idea of a new Classic Patchouli had been in the works during many years for Camille Henfling Jr., the creator of Von Eusersdorff. While he was living between Maastricht, Amsterdam and New York, he had a plan to reintroduce a treasured, old family recipe. Henfling’s idea was to construct an exceptional perfume made from patchouli that would be an inspiration for all cultures to embrace. With memories of growing up around the warehouses of the apothecary of his grandfather, filled with the heavenly scented atmosphere and world-trade of rare oils, herbs and spices, Camille Henfling decided to start a new business honoring his family heritage. It was then in 2011 that a non-traditional, yet classic patchouli was born under the house of Von Eusersdorff. 
Von Eusersdorff Classic Patchouli Eau De Perfume
Following the old way of craftsmanship by making an eau de parfum, Henfling went about slowly creating his first perfume in an intensive approach; by Maturation of at least two and a half months. This is a very important process and was done by Von Eusersdorff in one of the best perfume factories in Grasse, France. The new Classic Patchouli is centered on a warm, soft and sultry Black Patchouli. A long lasting, rich and exotic blend, Classic Patchouli begins with a bergamot top note mixing with warm black patchouli. Then comes the unforgettable experience of vanilla, tonka beans and sandalwood. All the while, patchouli remains the center focus throughout each awakening spritz. 
The long-lasting, uni-sex Classic Patchouli, it is Von Eusersdorff’s desire to inspire you to be your true, authentic self. Purchase Von Eusersdorff Classic Patchouli here.